ABMC Breeder Code of Ethics


ABMC Breeder Referral List members will fully comply with the following guidelines.

Updated 4Q2013

Valid January 1, 2014

1. I will maintain sportsmanlike behavior in all canine endeavors and will work toward the betterment of the Belgian Malinois breed. I will not degrade any fancier, his dogs or kennel operation. However, I will notify the ABMC Board of Directors of breeders whose actions do not appear to be in the best interest of the breed.

2. I will maintain high standards in the care of my dogs. I will provide each dog in my care with individual attention and will strive to bring each dog to its full potential.

3. I will maintain accurate records in accordance with AKC regulations.

4. I will only breed dogs and bitches possessing sound temperament, structure, good health and who exemplify the AKC Belgian Malinois breed standard as I interpret it. I will not breed any dog or bitch under two years of age. I will not permit a fellow breeder to use one of my stud dogs younger than two years with one of his/her bitches.

5. I will follow veterinary recommendations when breeding a dog/bitch over the age of 7 years for the health and well-being of the stud dog and/or brood bitch and resulting offspring.

6. I will only breed dogs which have these minimally required health clearances (certified by OFA, PennHip, GDC, CERF and/or recognized foreign registry):

Hips clear (rated fair or better)

Elbows (Clear or DJD1 unilateral result.  A breeder may take the option to breed a dog with a DJD1 unilateral result but ONLY to a dog that has an elbows clear result)

Eyes clear (current within the year of being bred or collected up to the age of 10)

I will strive to breed only dogs which have these recommended health clearances (certified by OFA, PennHip, GDC, CERF and/or recognized foreign registry) which include:

Hips clear (rated good or better)

Elbows clear (if born after 1/1/2000)

Eyes clear (current within the year of being bred or collected)



7. I will be honest and forthcoming with puppy buyers and fellow breeders regarding the health status of my dogs and disclose any known hereditary diseases or defects.

8. When breeding to a foreign stud dog, using imported frozen semen, importing a stud dog or importing a bitch in whelp:

a. Foreign stud dogs used for breeding will have passing health certifications customary for his homeland.
b. Imported frozen semen will come from a male whose hips were certified free of hip dysplasia in his homeland. The passing score will be reflected on his pedigree paperwork.
c. An imported stud dog will have passing health certifications customary for his homeland.  In the event his country of origin certifies hips only, he will not be used for breeding until his health checks are completed as listed under paragraph #6.
d. A foreign bitch imported into the United States in whelp will arrive with an export pedigree reflecting a certified passing hip score in her homeland. If bred again domestically, her health checks should be completed as listed under paragraph #6.

e. Proof of documentation should be available.

9. When using domestic frozen semen: I will only use frozen semen from dogs that had their health checks completed at the time of collection as listed under paragraph #6.

10. I will raise my puppies in a healthy environment with adequate socialization. All puppies will be inoculated and dewormed in accordance with veterinary recommendations. Prior to placement, I will permanently identify every puppy, by either tattoo or microchip. I will ensure that each puppy’s tattoo/microchip number is registered and traceable back to me. No puppy will be placed in a new home before the age of seven weeks.

11. I will screen each puppy buyer and strive to place each dog in a permanent home. Under no circumstances will I engage in wholesaling litters nor will I knowingly sell to puppy mills, pet dealers, retailers, catalog houses, commercial breeding operations, buyers/brokers or supply puppies or dogs for raffles, lotteries, auctions or laboratories.

12. I will provide each purchaser a contract which will include a health guarantee detailing conditions for replacement or reimbursement.  I will also provide puppy health records and AKC registration papers.

13. I am aware that there is a surplus of dogs in today’s society and will undertake breeding with a lasting commitment to the dogs I produce. I will help the purchaser in every reasonable way for the life of the dog. In the event the purchaser must give up the dog, I am prepared to take the dog back and to be responsible for placing the dog in another suitable home.

14. I will require and provide a DNA profile in accordance with AKC regulations.

15. I pledge to help educate the public in the standard and the care of the Belgian Malinois and in all other areas in which I am qualified.

If I voluntarily remove myself from the Breeder Referral List (due to a breeding which would violate any portion of the ABMC’s Breeders’ Code of Ethics) I understand I must wait two years to re-sign the Code of Ethics and be listed on the Breeder Referral List.

A co-owner of a stud dog or bitch will not be held accountable if said dog or bitch is used against their will in a manner that is in violation of the Code of Ethics.

Important information when considering a co-ownership, excerpt from the AKC Procedures for Registration Matters: “Co-ownership arrangements, in far too many cases, lead to problems. While AKC registration application forms provide for more than one owner, we recommend that co-ownerships be avoided. It has been our experience that purchasing a dog outright is preferable. We would like to point out that if a co-owner is suspended of all AKC privileges, then for the term of the suspension, recording of a transfer of the dog that is co-owned is barred and registrations of litters sired by or whelped by the dog in question are barred. Wins taken by the dog in AKC-licensed or member events are subject to disallowment.”

I have carefully read and agree to follow the above outlined guidelines and I completely understand the penalties for violating the ABMC’s Breeders’ Code of Ethics.



Disciplinary Action:
First Offense – Written warning, notified by letter
Second Offense – Removal from the Breeder Referral List for 2 years

Third Offense – Permanent removal from Breeder Referral List