Herding Committee Mission Statement

The Belgian Malinois traditionally was a herding dog. One of the foundation dogs of the breed came in second at the first Belgian Shepherd herding trial held in Belgium in the 1800’s. Because of this tradition, it is imperative that the Belgian Malinois retain it’s herding abilities.

To this end, the Herding Committee of the American Belgian Malinois Club encourages all owners of Belgian Malinois to become more aware of and participate in herding activities with their dogs.

To accomplish this goal, the Herding Committee will continue to update and advance herding within the breed by reviewing and monitoring the number of dogs competing in herding, by encouraging whenever possible new dogs to participate in herding, by making dogs with herding titles more visible at National and regional specialties, and by offering seminars to educate breeders and owners on what is needed by the herding community in the way of a Belgian Malinois.”

Interested in Herding? Click for an informative brochure about this wonderful sport and how you can get involved

Contact: Jane Rothert