Register Of Merit – 2nd Class

  1. Mon Ami A Jamais, CDX, HIC

Owner: Connie Shown (10-89) bitch

  1. Kelly V H Schellinkje, CDX, TD, SchH 3, FH, HIC

Owner: Deborah Suggs (11-89) bitch

  1. Igor Von Lowenfels, SchH 3

Owner: Mary Louise Brayman (11-89) dog

  1. Souvenir Finesse, CD, SchH 2, AD, B, WH, HCT

Owner: Janet Robles (12-89) bitch

  1. Tri Sorts Kirk Of Bakewell, CDX

Owner: Hester (Sandy) Bakewell (4-90) dog

  1. D’Bel-Junz Jolie Genevieve, CDX, TT

Owners: Maureen & John Roberts (5-90) bitch

  1. Souvenir Debut Niche Belge, CDX, U-CD, TT

Owners: Maureen & John Roberts (5-90) bitch

  1. One More Rockwell Original, UD, BTr

Owner: Robert Janek (7-90) dog

  1. Niche Belge Baron Vn Leopold, CDX

Owners: M. & J. Roberts and P. Joanne Birtch (11-90) dog

  1. Souvenir Bounty Hunter, CDX

Owner: Kay Page (9-91) dog

  1. California Gold De L’Ferme, CDX, HIC, CGC

Owner: Dorothy Kutlik (3-92) bitch

  1. Dainty Du Colombophile, Can CDX, SchH 3, TT

Owner: Michel Boulianne (4-92) dog

  1. Virus, Fr.Ring 3

Owner: Jean-Claude Balu (5-92) dog

  1. Curry Du Chevalier, CDX, HIC

Owners: Bruce & Pat Perkins (8-92) dog

  1. Tessa Del Oso Negro, CDX, HIC

Owners: James & Ellen Bond (4-93) bitch

  1. Niche Belge Aslin’s Ready, CD, SchH 3, B

Owners: John & Maureen Roberts (10-94) dog

  1. AKC/CKC/ST CH, U-CDX Honeycreek Thorin CGC, TT, TDI, AKC/CKC CDX, ST CD, HT, TT, CGC

Owner: Susan Morse (1-95) dog

  1. MACH 2, OTCH Noblesse Exuberant Explorer, UDX, TDX, U-OCH, Can UDT, Superior NATCH, ADCH, USDAA ADP, ASCA ATCH, MADC, HCT, FDX, CGC

Owner: Barbara Benner (11-01) bitch

  1. Souvenir Foremost, CDX, AD

Owner: Donna Haworth (7-95) dog

  1. Eureka Du Rez-La-Ville, Fr.Ring 3, CH of Ring, CD, TT, B

Owner: Kathleen O’Brien (2-97) bitch

  1. HC MACH Merson’s Fabled Wrigley Vines, UDT, HXAds, XF, RE, VCD2, EAC, OGC, OJC,HTD1-s,CGC

Owners: Tina & Jerry Fields (11-07) bitch

  1. Moonquest Miss Mimi, CDX, NA, U-CD, TT

Owner: Allyson Olson (11-00) bitch

  1. Trew Bleue Absolute, CDX, HS

Owner: Elizabeth Aghbashian (3-01) dog

  1. Merson’s Majestic Prince, CDX, U-CD, ASCA-CD, TT, CGC

Owner: Lynn Wilson (4-01) dog

  1. Trew Bleue Easy Does It, OA, OAJ, B, WH, Ag1, TT, CGC

Owner: Joan Rebhan (4-02) bitch

  1. Faust Du Chenil De France, SchH 3, B

Owners: Jean-Claude Balu & Lucette Balu (6-02) dog

  1. Tri Sorts Bold As Brass, CDX, NA, NAJ

Owner: Rachel Fabrizi (7-02) dog

  1. Crocs-Blancs’ Voila Woilay, CDX, CGC

Owner: C. Newcomb (9-02) dog

  1. CT Carousel’s Triumphant Rumor, CD, U-CD, HT, JHD, CGC

Owner: Diane Muzzey (8-05) dog

  1. Kanduit’s Dixie Divebomber, CDX

Owner: Helen Raseman (2-03) bitch

  1. Carousel’s Diamond Royale, CDX

Owners: Becky & Tim Palm (8-03) dog

  1. Carousel Diamonds R Forever, TD, CGC

Owner: Diane Muzzey (5-04) bitch

  1. Calia Supernova of Skyhunter, CDX

Owners: Susan & Stephen Lytwynec (10-04) bitch

  1. Orion Van Bouwelhei, CDX

Owner: Susan Lytwynec (10-04) dog

  1. Honeycreek Amazed by You, CDX, PT, NA, NAJ, TT

Owners: Sharon & James Burke (12-04) bitch

  36. Carboncrest Cat’s Meow, OA, OAJ, CGC

Owner: Carol Stein (2-06) bitch

  37. Hundi Affirmed, CDX, CGC

Owner: Leilani Schneberger (7-06) dog

38. Tresbecc Phantom Flyer, CD, HSAds, HIAs, TDI, TT, CGC

Owner: Peggy Cost (11-07) bitch

  39. Carousel’s Diamonds N Sapphire, Am/U-CDX

Owner: Helen Raseman (7-08) bitch

  40. Trew Bleue Anticipation, CDX, HCTs

Owner: Catherine Shields (7-08) bitch

  41. Carousel’s Catch A Silver Ring, TD, RN, CGC

Owner: Mary Wilmoth (8-08) dog

  42. Daneskjold Unkas, SchH 3, IPO 3

Owner: Danny Craig (9-08) dog

  43. Ann, SchH 3

Owner: Danny Craig (9-08) bitch

  44. Darka V.D. Berlex-Hoeve, SchH 3

Owner: Danny Craig (9-08) bitch

  45. MACH10 C.O’s Athenas Sergeant Carter, CDX RAE MCA3 MXG3 MJS4 MFC TQX T2B12 CGCA

Owners: Theresa and Dr. Thomas Kulb (6-09) dog

  46. De Vel Always Abigail, CDX, CGC

Owner: John Melton (7-09) bitch

  47. OB1 UCDX UAG1 Alouette’s Charming Rudolph, CDX TDX RE HSAsc TT CGC

Owner:   Bonnie Craig

  48. GCH Alouette’s Odyssey, CD RAE BN RATN PT CGCA TDI

Owner: Bonnie Craig

49.  GCH Turicks High Velocity, HIAs CGC

Owner:  Sandra Andrews, Marc Andrews and Carolyn Kaiser (6-17) dog