Register Of Merit – 1st Class

  1. Auburn Acres Elite De L’Ferme, UDT, SchH 3, AD, B, WH, HIC

owner: Janet Robles (10-89) bitch

  1. Crocs-Blancs’ Auburn Acres Ace, UDT, AD, B, WH, HIC

owner: Janet Robles (10-89) dog

  1. Souvenir Alluring Daisha, UD, U-CDX, TT

owner: Donna Haworth (11-89) bitch

  1. James Des Deux Pottois, SchH 3

owner: Dianne SanLorenzo (6-90) dog

  1. Athos Des Bois De La Thur, Fr.Ring 3

owner: Jean-Claude Balu (9-90) dog

  1. Diva Du Chenil De France, SchH 3

owners: Mona Lindau-Webb & Kevin Ryan (4-92) bitch

  1. Chevalier Ciera Noblesse, UD, HIC

owners: Pat & Bruce Perkins (8-92) bitch

  1. Bravo Del Roble, CDX, PT, NA, SchH 3, U-CD, WH, AD, TDI, TT, HCT, CGC

owners: Maureen & John Roberts (11-92) dog

  1. Desaray’s Pendragon Griffon, UD

owner: Diane Sutton (11-92) bitch

  1. Rakker, SchH 3, FH, AD, IPO 3, VZH, UV

owner: John Jons (6-93) dog

  1. Clasica Del Roble, UDTX, AD, B, HC, CGC, HCT

owner: Janet Robles (5-94) bitch

  1. Tri Sorts Isis Des Anges, SAR

owners: Angela Eaton & Carol Knock (10-94) bitch

  1. Am/Mex. CH. Ecco Du Chenil De France, FH, SchH 2, IPO 3

owner: Jean-Claude Balu (12-94) dog

  1. Niche Belge Ayla Elendil, UDTX, Can CDX/TDX, TDI, CGC

owner: Virginia Bloxsom (7-95) bitch

  1. Am/St. CH Pendragon’s Especially Kelly, PD, Am/Can/U CD, HS, AgD, TT, TDI, CGC

owners: Sharon & James Burke (7-97) bitch

  1. Jiska De L’Ferme, HX, CDX, AgD

owner: Sue Haase (11-97) bitch

  1. Bull Mtns Gone With The Wind, UD, BH, U-CD

owners: Steve & Lisa Swarthout (5-98) bitch

  1. Desaray’s Fabled Treasure, HX, CD, HTD1-s, TT

owners: Tina & Jerry Fields (2-99) dog

  1. Turicks Top Of The Line, PD, HIC

owners: Carolyn Kaiser & Leonard Bain (6-99) dog

  1. Avonlea Queen Anne’s Lace, CDX, HX, AX, NAJ, U-CDX, Ag2, HTD2-s, HTD1-d, HRD3-s

owner: Jane Rothert (11-99) bitch

  1. Crocs-Blancs Lady Pendragon, PT, AX, B, AD, NAC, NJC, CGC

owners: Carolyn Kaiser & Leonard Bain (12-99) bitch

  1. Turicks Test Of Wills, AX, AXJ, TD, AD, STDs, HIC

owners: Carolyn Kaiser & Leonard Bain (11-05) bitch

  1. Kanduit’s Cryptic Message, SchH 3, B, AD, TT, HCT

owners: John & Maureen Roberts (4-00) dog

  1. Am/St. CH Crocs-Blancs Summer Addition, CDX, PT, AX, OAJ, Can/U CD, HCT, TDI, CGC

owners: Sharon & James Burke (10-00) bitch

  1. MACH Desperado Del Roble, UDT, MX, MXJ, RN, VCD2, O-EAC, S-EJC, O-EGC, S-TNE, WV-E, TG-E

owner: Marion Erp (9-08) dog

  1. Crocs-Blancs’ Volcanic Ash, CD, AX, OAJ, U-CD, TDI, CGC, TT, HCT

owner: Susan Williamson (1-01) bitch

  1. Kaleighs Mid Summer Dream, CDX, HSAsd, MX, AXJ, MXP, MJP, TT

owners: Sharon & James Burke (12-04) bitch

  1. Tresbecc Hystaria of Anduin, UD

owners: Rory Friedow DVM and Linda Friedow (3-02) bitch

  1. Debalex Dandy Queen Beatrix, CD, AX, AXJ, CGC, TDI

owners: Theresa & Dr. Thomas Kulb (4-02) bitch

  1. Debalex’s Song of Bernadette, CD, AX, AXJ, CGC, TDI

owners: Theresa & Dr. Thomas Kulb (7-02) bitch

  1. DC Am/U CH HC Klaar Trew Charisma, HRD-3s, HTD-3s, STDcs

owners: B. Peach, S. Moore, & R. Final (8-02) dog

  1. Turicks Twist of Fate, AX, AXJ, AD

owners: Deborah McCluskey & Carolyn Kaiser (1-03) dog

  1. Moonquests Against The Odds, UD, TT

owner: Allyson Olson (1-03) dog

  1. Moonquests Without A Trace, UD, NA, TT

owner: Allyson Olson (1-03) bitch

  1. Steadfast’s Slayer Of Darkness, SAR, OA, OAJ

owner: MaryAnn Bevinger-Gibson (8-04) bitch

  1. Ame Vaillante De Burkey, UD, MX, MXJ, CGC

owner: Connie Shown (9-03) bitch

  1. Merson’s Nigerian Nightmare, CDX, HXAs, MX, MXJ, XF, NAC, JHD, CGC

owners: Jerry & Tina Fields (7-09) bitch

  1. CH OTCH MACH Kanduit’s Fleuve De La Vie, UDX, NA, NAJ

owner: Anne Paul (11-03) dog

  1. Turicks Watch Me Shine, TDX, PT, AX, OAJ

owner: Carolyn Kaiser (4-04) bitch

  1. Rustyroads Must Be My Destiny, CD, HSAd, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, Ag2, TT, HIC

owners: Sharon & James Burke (12-04) bitch

  1. Rusty Roads Crack The Sky, CD, PT, AX, AXJ, Ag1, TT, HIC

owners: Sharon & James Burke (12-04) bitch

  1. Crocs-Blancs’ Desert Rose, HSAs, AX, OAJ, STDs

owner: Carolyn Kaiser (11-05) bitch

  1. Bull Mtns Celestial Wishes, CDX, AX, OAJ, RA

owner: Suzanne Belger (11-05) bitch

  1. Am/Int’l. CH Tri Sorts Jamn Jumpn Jason K, HXAs, HSBs, PAX, HTD1-s, HTD1-g, HRD3-s, EAC, EGC, OJC, TN-O, RS-E, GS-E, JS-E, PD1, CGC

owners: Kelly & Chester Backus (11-06) dog

  1. CH MACH ARCHX C-ATCH V Rusty Road Kiss O’Honeycreek CGC, CDX, RL1X, RL2X, RL3, RAE, MXS, MJS, MFB,TQX, T2B, CL3, CL4

owner: Susan Morse (12-07) bitch

  1. TC MACH4 Alouette’s Dances With Turick RN HIAds HXAdsc HXBd MXB2 MJB2 MXF

owners: Carolyn Kaiser & Kathy Greenwood (3-07) bitch

  1. Crossroad’s Windansa, UD, RE, NA, Can/U CDX, TT

owners: Janice & Joseph Comfrey (3-08) bitch

  1. Ken Mar King Odin Of De Vel, CDX, NA, NAJ, IPO3

owners: Kurt & Laura Fahrenkamp (7-08) dog

  1. Carousel’s Silver Dollar, CDX, TD, AX, AXJ, VCD2

owners: Alan & Kathleen Reyna (7-08) dog

  1. Rusty Roads Wheels In Motion, AX, AXJ

owners: Susan & Ryke Edwards (12-08) dog

  1. Mersons Fabled Time Transfixed, CDX, HSAds, AX, AXJ, XF, RA, CGC

owners: Tina & Jerry Fields (12-09) dog

  1. Carousel’s Wild Adventure, AX, AXJ

owners: Constance Johnson & Catherine Shields (7-09) dog


owner: Susan Morse (10-09) dog

  1. Souvenir Risa’s Ricochet, CDX, AX, AXJ, RE, CGC

owner: Connie Shown (1-10) bitch

  1. Turicks Black Jack, HSAs, AX, AXJ, NF

Owners: Lynne Wetherell & Carolyn Kaiser (1-10) dog

  1. TC MACH6 Turicks Ewe Bet HSAdsc HSBd HIAds HIBd HXAds HXBd MXS2 MXF MJG2 TQX

Owner:  Carolyn Kaiser

  1. CH Phantom Holly O’Honeycreek STAR, AX, AXJ, OF, PT, BN, RN, ASCA – RN, JS-N, CPE -CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4, Lure course Wyle Pups Enthusiast

Owner: Susan Morse

  1. GCH BISS Desert Mtn Hope’s Eternal Fyre CDX BN RN OA OAJ AX AXJ JNP NF CGCA

Owner: Suzanne J. Belger & Lisa Swarthout

  1. CH Souvenir T’Marguerite CDX RE MX MXB PT HT TT

Owner:  Deborah Hale

  1. GCH OTCH Carousel’s South Rim Echo OM HXAs

Owner:  Anne Paul

  1. CH MACH Avonlea Show Off TD MXG MJG MXP2 MJP2 XF

Owner: Barb VanEseltine

  1. GCH DC Isell’s Itoby HSAds HIAds HXAds CGC

Owner: Carolyn Kaiser & Heather Doucette

  1. CH Showniques Ghost Dreamers Gage BN RN MX MXB MXJ MJB XE TDI NW2 CGC

Owner:  Connie Shown Lane

  1. GCH Desert Mtn’s Hope Springs Eternal RE OA OAJ OF AX CGC

Owner: Kimbra and Steve Wood

65.  CH ARCHX, C-ATCH III Honeycreek Easter Bonnett HIC, CGC, TT, Can CD, CDX, RL1CLX2, RL2X, RL3, RAE, AX, AXJ, AXP, AJP, OF, OFP, CL3, CL4

Owner: Susan Morse

66.  GCH Harmony Double Play  VCD1 CDX RA TDX HSAS OA NF CA 

Owner:  Deborah Hale