Register Of Merit – 3rd Class

Please note: titles are not updated between ROM class awards, or after a ROM 1 has been issued.

  1. CH Royal Nujen De Perry, CD, HIC

Owner: Donna Haworth (11-89) bitch

  1. CH Souvenir Brocade, CD, HIC

Owner: Donna Haworth (11-89) bitch

  1. Am/Can. CH Desaray’s Damask Daccord, CD, TT, HIC

Owner: Gail Myr (11-89) dog

  1. Ka’Brielle Rose De L’Ferme, CDX, TD, TT, CGC, U-CDX, HIC

Owner: Diane Muzzey (7-91) bitch

  1. CH Coyote Creek’s Gemma, CD

Owners: Kristine & Michael Stauffer (5-92) bitch

  1. CH Conquistador Del Roble, CD, B, CGC

Owner: Janet Robles (8-92) dog

  1. CH Trevor Paul Roble, CD, TDI, CGC

Owner: Sonja Tuovila (12-92) dog

  1. Am/Can. CH Crossroads Nerak Le Gaufrier, Am/Ber/Can CD

Owner: George Molloy (1-93) dog

  1. CH Desaray’s Fleur-De-Lis, CD, TT

Owner: Ann MacKay (3-93) bitch

  1. Am/Can. CH Crossroads Nerak Fer Forge, Am/Ber/Can CD

Owner: George Molloy (4-93) dog

  1. CH Coyote Creek’s Mr Darcy, CD

Owners: James & Ellen Bond (6-93) dog

  1. CH Debalex’s One More Hildaclimb, CD, TT, HIC

Owner: Dr. Deborah Alexander (9-93) bitch

  1. CH Allegros La’ Tracer, CD

Owners: John & Carolyn Mills (3-94) dog

  1. Am/Can/Dom. CH Debalex’s Rainbeau D’Or, CD, TT

Owner: Dr. Deborah Alexander (4-94) dog

  1. CH Tri Sorts Elijah Des Anges, Am/U CD

Owner: Angela Eaton (10-94) dog

  1. CH Souvenir Magnifique, CD, HCT

Owner: Donna Haworth (11-94) dog

  1. CH Crocs-Blancs’ Nerak F’Raille, Am/Ber/Can CD, CGC

Owners: George & Lizbeth Molloy (6-95) bitch

  1. CH Pendragon’s Smokey Bear, CD

Owner: Diane Sutton (7-95) dog

  1. CH Pendragon’s Promise To Keep, CD

Owner: Pam Rayl (1-96) bitch

  1. CH Souvenir Keepsake, HS, JHD

Owner: Donna Haworth (10-96) bitch

  1. CH Rusty Road’s Beautiful Joe, CD, NA, U-CD

Owners: Sharon & James Burke (2-97) dog

  1. Brawny Bombardier Ot Vitosha, Fr.Ring 2, CD, B

Owner: Kathleen O’Brien (3-97) dog

  1. Am/UKC CH Rusty Road’s Line Of Fire, CD, NA, U-CD, Ag1

Owners: Sharon & James Burke (5-97) dog

  1. CH Tri Sorts Northern Star, CD

Owner: Kathleen Adams (9-97) dog

  1. CH Tri Sorts Kali, CD, NA

Owner: Le Brun Frye (6-98) bitch

  1. Am/Ber/Can CH Nerak Que Lui Voulez-Vous, Am/Ber/Can CD

Owners: George & Lizbeth Molloy (12-98) dog

  1. CH Sauterelle Du Colombophile, HS, NA

Owners: Dorothy Kutlik & Laura Bridges (1-99) bitch

  1. CH Kanduits Command Performance, B, AD

Owners: Maureen & John Roberts (4-99) bitch

  1. Rusty Road’s Code Of Honor, CDX, NA, U-CDX, Ag1, HCT, TDI

Owners: Sharon & James Burke (9-99) dog

  1. Merson’s Daddy Wags, CDX, U-CDX, ASCA-CD, WETT, AATD, O-VCCX, HCT, TDI

Owner: Stella M.R. Moore (10-99) dog

  1. CH Tri Sorts Lottie, CD, TT

Owners: Hester Bakewell & Carol Knock (11-99) bitch

  1. CH Turicks Red Hot Chili Pepper, HSAs

Owners: Carolyn Kaiser & Leonard Bain (2-01) bitch

  1. Mattole’s Alcina of Aeolian, SchH 1, B, AD

Owner: Lyn Harral (1-02) bitch

  1. CH Tri Sorts Red Baron, CD, CGC

Owners: Martha and James Moses (5-02) dog

  1. Carousels Diamond In The Ruff, CDX, ASCA-CD, CGC

Owners: Wendy and Jeff Geddings (11-02) dog

  1. CH Merson’s Honeycreek Try Logan CGC, CD, TT, APDT-RL1, RN

Owner: Susan Morse (5-03) dog

  1. CH Debalex’s Beau Dragonstar, CD, HT, JHD, CGC

Owners: Mary & Larry Brogan, D. Alexander, B. Davis (2-04) dog

  1. CH Asia Von Adrian, CD

Owners: Michelle & Donna Denson (8-04) bitch

  1. CH Showcase Galaxy of Skyhunter, CD, NA, NAJ

Owner: Susan Lytwynec (10-04) bitch

  1. Merson’s NFL Free To Solo, CD, TD, OA, NAJ, VCD1

Owner: Janet Ek (12-04) dog

  1. CH Ken Mar Masked Intruder, CD, NA, NAJ

Owners: Suze Lerdal & Carolyn Mills (2-06) dog

  1. CH Alouette Behavin’ Laika Devel, CD

Owner: Laura Fahrenkamp (7-08) bitch

  1. CH O’Neill Van Balderlo, HS, JHD, CQN

Owners: Catherine & Mary Lou Shields (7-08) dog

  1. CH Carousel’s Golden Opportunity, CD

Owners: Tamara Depue & Catherine Shields (7-08) bitch

  1. Chomsky V.D. Berlex-Hoeve, SchH 1

Owner: Danny Craig (9-08) bitch

  1. CH Bord Du Lac’s Vintner’s Meritage, CD

Owner: John Melton (12-10) bitch

  1. GCH Desert Man Hope’s Eternal Fyre, CD, NA, NAJ, NJP, RN, BN

Owners: Suzanne Belger & Lisa Swarthout (7-14) bitch

  1. GCH Caveat’s The Road to Sturgis, CD, BN, RE, CGC

Owner: Susan Williamson (10-14) bitch

  1. GCH Mystique’s Son Of A Beach, CD BN RN CGC

Owner:  Brenda Blume

  1. GCH Concho’s She’s Like Texas, CD BN RE CGC

Owner:  Paige Tate

  1. GCH UCH Insell’s Ivano AKA Zenvo BH CA FCT

Owner:  Elizabeth Antos

  1. CH Mohawks Christmas Armistice, NAJ

Owner:  Melissa and Philip Hunt (9-17) dog

  1. CH Mystique’s Gone With The Wind CD BN RN CGCA

Owners:  Brenda Blume and Michelle Denson and Donna Denson (11-17) dog